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The main fields of activities are the following: capacitors, power factor correction and power electronics, wind power generators, alternators and ignition systems, electrical vehicles and charging stations, energy analyzers, electric network tele-control systems, railway signalling systems, ticket issuing and transport automation systems.

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Thanks to the technological innovation of self-healing PPM film and new mechanical construction MODULO XD achieved wide range of power 1,5÷30 kVAr and voltage 230÷1000 V.

The series MODULO XD is employed in all Ducati Energia power factor correction systems (fixed or automatic) which rely on three-phase capacitors. In fact, the above-described characteristics make these capacitors especially suitable for continuous duty under highly demanding conditions in harmonic rich environments.

PARKING SYSTEM – Entry and Exit Stations

The new series 1775 is a low-cost solution for entrance and exit ticket-lane units. The housing is standard painted RAL9007 and RSL9008, but can be painted with advertisements custom design also. 1775 serie is a downgrade of the higher series 4810 ADV, but retains many higher features typical of high level parking systems, like full TCP/IP architecture, graphic colour display, fanfold ticket, MIFARE proximity reader etc.It manages barcode tickets, drive the barrier and it is ready to interface long range UHF readers.It works in downgraded mode when the network is down and update the data into the server when the network comes up. The CPU load a local replica of the main-database for the stand alone functioning when the network connection is not available. Automatic synchronization between local and central database when the network connection is restored. CLOUD server is available on VMware vSphere.There is an integrated SMS server for sending warnings and alarms events to the phone of the technical operators.The 1775 serie can be upgraded with NPR, camera recording video of all entrance and exit cars, etcWith the 1775 series you save money and recover your investment quickly.

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