Established in 2018

In 1999, Binh Son Corp. was established in Vietnam with an ambition to conquer the market with higher quality products at a lower price. Over more than 20 years of development with many ups and downs, Binh Son Corp. today is growing strongly, not only conquering the domestic market but also extends to the world market. As a result, DTBS Quebec Inc. was officially founded in 2018 in Canada.

We believe that there are many fundamental factors to determine the success of a company. Our success is based on a well-organised company structure, an energetic and dynamic group of staff, and an excellent and dependable management team.

On progress to success, DTBS Quebec Inc. will continue to strive forward with a dedication to being the leader of the markets.


With customers we emphasize the importance of a company reputation and it is the most important factor to win customers.

Our reputation is reflected in the fact that we deliver quality products on time at an attractive price coupled with professional customer services.


With Partners, DTBS Quebec Inc. always upholds the spirit of cooperation of mutual benefit, so that keeps partnerships in the country or even abroad forever a sustainable foundation for the development in later years.