Zuccato Energia

Manufacturers, not just integrators

We design and manufacture our ORC modules, using the most advanced CAD/CAM and simulation software.
This allows us to create power generation modules tailored to the client’s needs and production cycles, getting high efficiency results.


Independently designed and manufactured using the most advanced technologies in finite
elements and fluid-dynamics analysis (CFD/CFX), the ZE turbogenerators are designed from
scratch to operate in a low-temperature organic Rankine cycle which uses a special working fluid
that offers better performances and several advances over traditional steam turbines:
   • Low operational temperature which allow our systems to tap even low-grade heat sources;
   • High condensation temperature which may allow the use of simple air-cooled condensers;
   • Totally dry working fluid, which means no turbine blade erosion, giving the system high
      reliability and reduced maintenance costs as well as fewer controls;
   • Lower operational pressures (20 bar max), which mean safer operation, less bureaucratic
      prodlems and reduced plant costs;
   • No atmospheric emissions (closed circuit operation)